Business runs more smoothly with the enova365

Systemic development of your business.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Sales and CRM
Sales and CRM
Trade and Warehouse
Trade and Warehouse
Finance and Accounting
Finance and Accounting
Payroll and HR
Payroll and HR

Business Intelligence

Access information from the analytical reports of enova365 – evaluate performance indicators and make the right decisions.

  • Analyse the condition of your company – gain access to data in a table and chart format within your BI panel.
  • Create custom indicators and reports based on any data in the system.
  • Share the indicators with your employees through the application – in real time.

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Sales and CRM

Grow your sales with innovative tools, which you can share with your business partners!

  • Keep records of communication with your clients, conduct campaigns and projects together with your business partners – all in one place!
  • Monitor and analyse your sales leads at every stage of the sales process thanks to sales pipeline support.
  • Take advantage of the convenient CRM on the road and during meetings with your clients –use our mobile application and dedicated features of enova365.

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Trade and Warehouse

Plan and supervise order, commission, and storage handling – all information in a single application.

  • Give an order handling platform – the Business Partner’s Panel – to your clients and suppliers. Take your business relations online!
  • Register commissions and handle orders automatically, directly in the enova365 system.
  • Manage your storage houses and control their stock with a real time view, also available on mobile devices!

Finance and Accounting

Efficient accounting management support systems – keep your books in a system which always conforms with the law.

  • Send JPK files directly from the system by taking advantage of its engine that verifies the correctness of the data. Generate and send eDeclarations.
  • Carry out banking operations directly in enova365 – without the need to sign into your online bank account.
  • Take advantage of our smart system – settle accounts and manage outstanding payments – all in a single view.

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Payroll and HR

Human Resources and Salaries (HR)

  • Recruit and manage your human resources with a system ensuring compliance with the Polish law and current HR trends.
  • All information about your employees – analyse the career and training progress. Monitor the working hours in one place.
  • Give your employees portals for self-service and minimise the workload of your HR department – automate the workflow of employee applications (vacations, business trips, substitutions).
  • Manage the working hours and salaries and submit declarations with a system ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Polish law!

gif rozwiązania kadry płace


Improve key processes and ensure their optimal progress in your organisation. The special business software will ensure efficient workflow

  • Merge business processes and automate tasks at every stage. Let your employees focus on things that are most important. Leave all redundant tasks to the enova365 system!
  • Support all processes of your organisation with the DMS (Document Management System) system.
  • Check the status of all processes and monitor their progress – learn how your employees perform their tasks.

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What makes enova365 distinct from other ERP software?

  • Available for use from a variety of devices that share a single database and user dedicated interfaces,
  • Robust opportunities for integration with external systems (EDI, API and our unique solution, enova365 Integrator),
  • Data easily transferrable from MS Excel worksheet to enova365,

Modules in the platinum variant are designed for multi-departmental companies and corporations requiring profiled functionalities: 

  • unlimited expansion of functionalities;
  • work on large data collections;
  • supports multi-departmental and multi-company enterprises;
  • Business Intelligence mechanism.
  • System updates: within the scope of our support system, we supply our clients with new system versions. See the benefits for your company owing to the purchase of an update warranty for the enova365 system!

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