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enova365 is an integrated, scaleable expert software designed to support decision-making and work processes, and to improve operational efficiency of an enterprise. The programme comes with an intuitional and convenient interface that requires no arduous training after implementation. Customisation is made easy by enova365’s ingenious parametrisation procedure. The system has been appreciated by 11,500 clients and is distributed by 230 authorised resellers across Poland. 

enova365 for business

enova365 is a next-generation ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) for comprehensive business management of enterprises and institutions. The application has a structure of  integrated modules that share a single data base, and each of them being responsible for a specific business area (such as accounting, logistics, sales, customer service, HR, payroll, warehouse) and supporting the processes within it.

The modular architecture makes the system easily customised, whether at implementation or throughout its operational use, when organisational development can be helped by adding more functionalities with no need for business reorganisation, complicated data base replacements or data migrations. Apart from scalability, enova365 provides vast opportunities to configure specific business activities and operations based on user preferences, from setting up the graphic interface to defining features (fields for any system elements), and to create document templates or patterns of repeatable operations.

In addition to some more universal modules, which can be parametrized and can perform their functions perfectly in the majority of enterprises, enova can be enhanced with a range of dedicated applications for specific industries (such as online sales, forwarding, manufacturing). The ongoing process of software development is set in the popular Microsoft.NET programming environment and uses SQL data bases, with which individual, custom-made IT solutions can be designed to meet unique requirements of individual clients. Our solutions are compatible with new versions of operating Windows systems.

enova is an expert-class software that offers access to expertise, both embedded and generated on an ongoing basis from raw data. This arrangement makes business decisions easier, and even allows the application to solve less complicated problems itself.

Innovative but considered standard in information technology, this programming environment makes it possible to use the application in net solutions that are growing in popularity and recognition, such as cloud computing, to mention just one example. enova was among the top ten in a 2013 Microsoft competition for applications of this type.


Regular updates of enova keep the user abreast with recent revisions to contract law, which undergoes changes frequently in Poland.



enova365 in detail

enova365 has a modular structure. Each module is intended to support a specific function within an organisation: human resources, payroll, cash flow tracking, invoicing, warehouse management, sales, inventories, fixed assets, accounting, customer relations, debt collection or mobile sales.

The programme’s functionality comprises the following modules: 

  • HR & payroll management
  • accounting
  • cash flow tracking
  • trading
  • CRM
  • fixed assets
  • lending
  • training
  • debt collection
  • business trips
  • multivariate analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • workflow

 Basic characteristics of enova: 

  • Designed to work with specialised and industry-specific software products, allowing to concentrate all the organisation’s functions within a single application,
  • Always up-to-date with Polish law changes, at the same time incorporating the best practices used in the corporate world,
  • Fully integrated with the MS Office environment,
  • Supports multiple units enabling data flows between units,
  • Identifies employee errors and generates suggestions,
  • Provides tools for electronic bank statements and budget control, and offers access to complete information on activities and transactions,
  • Connectable to any work time recorder,
  • Offers the unique functions of defining fields and views for the operator and creating custom specifications and print-outs,
  • Provides a range of implementation mechanisms that help execute elaborate instructions or calculations on all data in a base. 

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Here's the HR & payroll folder


About the company

enova365 is produced by Soneta, a Polish company whose mission is focused on innovation through new technologies, creating innovative solutions and supporting science.

Our software house was founded in 2002 by three partners, Robert Czuła, Marcin Spiechowicz and Marcin Wojas. Our twelve-year presence on the market and the twenty-years-long experience of the designers' team have helped achieve a high position as supplier of ERPsoftware. 

Firm has a team of some of the most experienced specialists in Poland. Today, Soneta is an employer for 60 professionals and works with a number of outside expert consultants. Our stable team of designers successfully carry out our plans to supply the best software at affordable price, to respond promptly to market needs and, most importantly, to anticipate future needs of our clients. We have the necessary resources of personnel and expertise to guide our clients through their IT projects.

We supplies ours IT solutions for corporate management through a nationwide network of distributors who sell, implement and provide ongoing support for the system. This model of distribution has been built for shared success and higher efficiency of client business processes. We are also a Golden Partner of Microsoft and was among the top ten winners of the largest competition hosted in Poland for an application designed based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 

In 2013 ours growing portfolio of satisfied clients included Alior Bank, OCCF, Ipsos Polska, the Ministry of National Education, Soraya, US Pharmacia, Znak Publishing House and Yves Rocher. Also, the Association of Polish Accountants has used enova since 2009, which is yet another proof of the top quality of the system.

To order our software please contact the Soneta office at: 

Soneta Sp. z o.o.
Wadowicka 8A
(gate B, 2nd fl.)
30-415 Cracow
T./F. +48 (12) 349 28 80


enova365 in IDC raport

"This year, IDC added one more company to the EAS ranking: Soneta. The main reasons behind this decision were the scale of activity Soneta achieved in 2012, and the functional development of its enova product. Soneta appears on 14th position on the EAS market in Poland, overtaking many vendors that have been present on the market for years." Edyta Kosowska, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Polska

The company's total EAS revenue reached $2.59 million, and its total client base reached almost 7,000. Over 80% of Soneta's sales were generated by companies employing fewer than 500 people. The vendor plans to expand in the higher end of the market, however, and now has a limited number of partners that are experienced in sales to enterprise customers. enova is written in HTML5, and thus has the potential to be used on mobile devices. Soneta's largest clients include TUW (mutual insurance company), Tech Data (IT distributor), Gerlach (large manufacturer of cutlery), and Huta Szkla "Krosno" (glass manufacturer).

©2013 IDC

Soneta’s flagship product remains enova365, and the most popular modules are HCM and payroll accounting. Often these modules are added to larger systems such as SAP or IFS.

- IDC report Poland Enterprise Application Software Market

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